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I recently ordered some BPAL as a gift for a friend, and of course that meant I had to order some for myself, as well. So I ordered bottles of Crossroads (<3!) and Somnus, both favorites of mine. Which means NEW FRIMPS!!!


In the imp: grass and sandalwood. outdoorsy. maybe some herbal stuff in there too. nice

On me, wet: Smells mediciney and feels cool. Like Noxema or Vicks Vaporub. Kind of disappointing because the imp smelled nice. Oh wait, it's morphing already and now is turning woody. Maybe a bit TOO woody--I taste browns. Nope, wait, now it's feeling Noxema-y again. Wow, is this a morpher!

On me, dry: It's back to greens and wood, with a hint of something sweet in the background (that's weird, because I wasn't getting sweetness in the imp/on wet). There's also a bare hint of Noxema in there.

Thoughts: It's a nice scent, but has a bit too much of a brown taste to me. It smells light and peaceful and nature-y, but again, there's that brown muddying things up. Not a keeper.

Lab Description:
This infamous herb has a long, complex history: it has been used in spells of death and destruction, was a principal component in traditional witches' flying ointments, and was the poison used to put the philosopher Socrates to death. We have created a dark, profound herbal blend to personify and honor this wicked little plant.

Yeah, see, I kind of expected something dark because of the name (also, because it's the color that absinthe is so often portrayed in movies, and absinthe makes me think of naughty things. No, not THAT kind of naughty. Geez.) The only darkness I'm getting is that brown scent, which tastes of decay the longer this lasts. No thank you. If the brown wasn't in it I'd probably like it a lot.


In the imp: (I was IMing with mackillian as I was sniffing these): spellbound is purple soap. no, seriously, i smell purple, and soap. and i taste grapes. (no, I don't actually taste them. just scent sometimes trigger tastes, you know?) The color is dark, like a deep red wine, so I may be influenced by that.

On me, wet: Woo, that is strong! This has quite a throw, in that I smelled it without holding the imp up to my nose. It's pretty much soap on me, with that purple tone to it. More like lavender than grapes, though.

On me, dry: The taste in my mouth is starting to change from Hemlock's brown decay into... cotton? Something dry. The strong soap scent is dying down a bit. It's also less purple now. Also, I think my body scent must be sweet today, because this is starting to smell a bit sweet, too.

Thoughts: My arm looks like it's been anointed. No, really--there's a shiny spot where I applied the oil, like it's sitting on top of my skin. This probably does happen with other oils, but I never really noticed it before so it must be an especially strong effect with this one. It's morphed into a non-descript blend. It's generic niceness. Nothing remarkable other than it tastes a bit dryer than your standard generic blend. I'd guess this is in the floral family. A lot of florals turn into powder, but I'm not really getting that here. Just generic niceness.

Lab Description:
Perfectly enchanting! An irresistibly sexual, utterly rapturous blend of three roses, radiant amber, and sensual red musk.

Yup, I was going to say rose. And I got that it was supposed to be an attractive blend. It does smell kind of romantic, but... stereotypical romantic. Nothing intoxicating, or "OMG I want to jump you!" about it.


In the imp: muse is vanilla and bubblegum and a hint of Crossroads in the background

On me, wet: Dammit, I know that scent! *sniffs again* Banana. Yes, banana. Banana bubblegum. And it still has a hint of Crossroads to it. Maybe not the actual scent, but the feel of it. Kind of spiritual and peaceful. But a more tropic version of it. Can beaches be spiritual? And can I have a banana split or banana bread or something? *craves*

On me, dry: Morphing, morphing, morphing... I'm still getting a taste of bananas and bubblegum, but both have died down quite a bit. Now there's a musty smell popping up. I'm betting it's a musk of some sort. Still feeling tropical, but more like a daydream of a tropical vacation rather than actually being there.

Thoughts: This feels different than anything else I recall trying. It feels like its own unique scent, whereas Hemlock and Spellbound felt run-of-the mill. I want to classify this as a Wanderlust, because it's giving me a strong vision of otherplace--like a mental vacation. Crossroads has the same feel, but it brings me to a place of peaceful relaxation, like a babbling stream in a forest with the sound of birds chattering and leaves rustling. Muse is indulgent relaxation--going away from things, pampering oneself in pleasures. I'm guessing I really like this one if it's invoking so much imagery. :D I can't see something called Muse as being a Wanderlust. I'm thinking it's supposed to foster creativity, which it certainly seems to be doing for me. I think we have a winner. :)

Lab Description:
A light, invigorating floral and citrus blend. Tuberose, lotus and jasmine with a hint of lime.

Okay, so yeah, I can see how I got tropics out of it. It's in the Ars Amatoria category, which Wikipedia tells me means "The Art of Love". Interesting--I don't get anything love-related about this. To me it's still a Wanderlust.


In the imp: blockbuster is cinnamon and molasses and maybe a hint of orange. sweet. i taste sugar

On me, wet: BROWN, BROWN SUGAR. And cinnamon. Mmmm. I want baked goods now.

On me, dry: I suddenly have a bit of a headache. Could be sensory overload from having so many scents around me, or it could be THIS scent in particular. Not sure. There's something else in there now. Cloves, maybe. And still a hint of orange, but it's more like the color than the fruit. The brown sugar is dying down... or more like the notes are blending very nicely into a cohesive whole. Oh, and now I'm tasting nut cups, so maybe there's a nut of some kind in there. Which might explain the headache, as I've developed a sensitivity to nuts.

Thoughts: This smells delicious. Makes me want to bake something sugary. I'd be interested in trying this again some time to see if the headache reoccurs or not. I wouldn't call this a winner yet, because I have enough other deliciousy foody scents and I don't know if I need to add any more to the stash.

Lab Description:
Used to open up options in your life, overcome obstacles, and create opportunities. This blend increases your potential for success, inspires creativity and quick thinking, and helps you to be more flexible, adaptable and open to change.

Yeah, see, I figured it was a utility scent, because I'm pretty damned sure there's a TAL of the same name. I'm not getting any sense of power from this. Mostly I get hungry. Hmmm... maybe it's supposed to invoke the hunger to suceed? Folks on the forum are gettin cinnamon out of it, too, so that's probably one of the notes for sure.

Question: Is it possible to get a bad bottle? I had this imp of Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo that smelled AMAZING. I hearted it so much. I gave it away to help spread the goodness of BPAL, since I had recently ordered a bottle for myself. But the bottle doesn't smell anything like the AMAZINGNESS that was the imp. The bottle smells like... varnish. :( I thought maybe it needed to age, but that was months ago that I bought it, and it still smells like varnish. :( I *have* started on various medications since then, so I wondered if maybe my sense of smell has changed, but... kind of thinking I may have a bad bottle. Not sure what to do about it, since it's been ages since I ordered it.

I haven't worn BPAL in ages, but today I felt in the mood. I would have loved some Joy Mojo, but since that wasn't working I chose Monster Bait: Closet instead. Mmmmm.... so, so yummy. It makes me hungry. *laughs*

So... *pokes sleeping community* What all have you been wearing lately?
I've been wanting to try Plunder. Maybe after vacation I'll see about getting some.

And yeah, I've been starting to think of autumny scents. I need to see if Villainess has Smashing again this year, because I LOVED it (it's got pumpkin in it, and you know me and pumpkin). I don't have an autumn BPAL scent yet. Should dig through the imps and see if I can find one.

Curious--which oil gave you the bad reaction? That was really O_Oing.
(Deleted comment)