So I've been working really long hours lately.  I usually come in at 8AM and work until 9PM...and worked a few hours on Sunday.  I had off the entire 4th of July weekend, which was nice of them actually.  Other groups did not.

Anyway I've been falling behind on all that is BPAL and was eyeballing CD IV and V as well as the Grindhouse ladies.  Missed the decant circle boat on that one.

Turns out that one of the girls on the sinandsalvation LJ group is going to Will Call and doing a circle.  I impulsively said, 'Give me an imp of everything!'  I've worked hard right?

Yeah!  So what if we had to pay off the rest of our honeymoon once....or arrange a vet plan for Nugget (our puppy).  I deserve something frivolous. :p

Ahhh buyer's regret.