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Tonight I decided to be random, so I reached into the ol' imp box and pulled out two. And the winners are *drumrolls* Ivanushka! And Droplettes' Les Madelines!


In the imp: Cinnamon? Smells like the cinnamon sugar we used to put on buttered toast. And some kind of floral. I'm not too good with florals. Possibly rose, but rose tends to be strong.... hmmm.... whatever floral it is, it's nice, and I don't usually like florals.

On me, wet: Still cinnamon and florals, but something else, too. It's a green or a blue smell. On second sniff, the floral comes through much stronger than it did in the imp.

On me, dry: Awww. The cinnamon is all gone, and now it's pretty much floral. :( And something else which I still can't identify... It could be another floral, but I'm not sure. *takes another sniff* Hmm... maybe a light musk?

Lab Description
Soft, velvety fur and warm musk, brushed by forest woods and dusted by dry leaves.

Thoughts: o_O Okay, I was right about the musk. Really not getting woods from this. Dry leaves, maybe. Woods? No. I swear it smells like a floral to me. And florals == eh. It's not bad, but I honestly can't see me wearing this.

Les Madelines (Droplettes Bath Sundries)

In the sample vial: Whoa. Butter and caramel. And figs, maybe? I think the last time I went crazy ordering stuff was around Yules, so I'm guessing this is a Christmas/winter scent, which means figs would fit in. Oh, and now I'm getting almonds. Or pecans. Some kind of nut, anyway.

On me, wet: Huh? It's... I don't know what that is. There's something that's really overlaying how it smelled in the vial. It kind of reminds me of Beaver Moon 2007, a bit. That cream or whatever it was in Beaver Moon that didn't work for me. Yeah, definitely a milky smell.

On me, dry: Oh, that's better now! It's back to being figgy and almondy. Very much so. The butter and caramel are almost completely gone. Hmm, and maybe a bit of wine in there somewhere? Figs make me think of rum, for some reason, but it's definitely not rum.

Description (um, I think this is it)
Really, these should be France’s national “goûter” cake. Madeleines are little vanilla cakes infused with orange blossom water. They are baked in a special pan that forms them in the shape of little shells. My husband fell in love with them when I took him to visit my family in Brittany.

Thoughts: .... REALLY?!?! Vanilla and orange blossom? Wild. I can kind of see vanilla as that might be the creamy smell I thought, but damn, I really thought this was a fig/nut smell. It DOES smell cakey to me. But wow, the notes are NOT what I was expecting. Anyway, it's a pleasant mix, but I'm not in love with it, and I'm almost starting to feel I have too much foodie scents (which surprises me, because that's my love). So I think I will enjoy this vial, and that will be that.

Now it is time for me to do an imitation of my mood icon. More reviews coming soon.
I'm still waiting for my decant of Ivanushka. Sigh, I live in hope it will arrive...

Des Madeleines I LOVE. It's exactly vanilla and orange blossom on me! Yum.