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My imps are here!  I ordered

Squirting Cucumber
Bon Vivant

The ones in bold are the ones I got.  :-(

I know that Midway was an LE, so they would substitute something else for that, but I didn't get either of the other GC's that I'd ordered.  Instead I got:

Blood Pearl
Poisoned Apple

Does anyone know why this would have happened?  I haven't ordered from the lab in about a year or more, but I always got what I ordered before.  I'm really disappointed, because I was looking forward to the whole order being here.  Any suggestions?
I'd definitely e-mail them. They'll make it right. I haven't heard anything about Bon Vivant or Obatala being discontinued, so I doubt it's that. I know you usually get a frimp for every 6-pack you order, so you should have at least one you weren't expecting -- but to have 50% of your order not fulfilled? That's just not like them. But do e-mail them -- they really will try to fix it. Beth and Ted are great people and so are the other people at the Lab.
I just sent them an email with as much info as I could give them (heck, I even linked to my LJ post). I know mistakes can happen, so I'm not worried about that but I've never had something like this come up before.

I'm off to investigate the new stuff and sniff myself into a stupor. :-)