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FREE SHIPPING on everything and I'll be throwing in a crap load of imps too :P (I literally have a container of about 300 of them)
Some of you know that one of my Christmas gifts was from Bryan: bottles of all 6 anniversary Phoenix scents! So without further ado, Big Fat Review Time!

Note: I wrote the reviews before looking at the lab descriptions. Interesting how some of them are so different from what's really in them!

Fire Phoenix
Lab description: Enterprise, adventure, restlessness, impulsiveness, and dynamism: Chinese musk and red musk with hyacinth, cactus flower, cubeb berry, galangal, tobacco, pink pepper, and sarsaparilla.
Wet: juicy, sort of citrusy. Very warm. Makes me think of what it would be like to drink orange juice with the spices of apple cider.
Dry: Citrus comes on very strong, and this turns almost lemony. The spices are still there, though, and they really do save this. The nutmeg is the most pronounced to me. The end result is one of my favorite things in a scent: a bright citrus with some warm spices over the top. It has none of the mellowness of Bakeneko, however, or even Fire Pig. This is embers with a bright, flickering flame over the top. This is less "warmth" and more "bright light, sharp heat". It's a good one to wear on a cold day.
After reading description: The "brightness" I smell in this is the pink pepper, I think. I'm absolutely getting the sarsparilla note; I didn't know what to call it. Possibly the citrus I smell is cactus flower or cubeb berry? I don't think I've sniffed those in anything before.

Water Phoenix
Lab description: Compassion, eloquence, introspection: Chinese musk and rain, with salty oceanic notes, frankincense, juniper berry, lily of the valley, lavender, cinquefoil, and sweet pea.
Wet: surprise! This is an aquatic. It's a spicy aquatic, though.
Dry: This actually was a surprise--it's rather masculine. There's a sharp, clean note common to most men's scents I love, almost an herbal floral, and this has it. Villain has it too, and Vicomte de Valmont. I don't want to say that the note is in a lot of aftershaves because that makes it sound like it might smell cheap, and this absolutely does not. It's like a men's scent soap or shampoo, only a very high-end expensive one. Like what I think a man might smell like after he gets a $200 haircut. This will work very well in the summer months when I have to be dressy.
After reading description: JUNIPER. That's what the "masculine" scent is. Lily of the valley & lavender are favorites of mine on men as well, and while I hate "rain" as a scent for most other things, whatever it is that BPAL uses for the rain note is phenomenal.

Wood Phoenix
Lab description: Flexibility, cooperation, expansiveness, and altruism: Chinese musk and five woods with newly budding bamboo shoots, hyssop, chamomile, pink clove, magnolia, walnut, and fig.
Wet: Smells interesting in the bottle. There's a lot of resin going on here, & I wondered how that was going to do on my skin.
Dry: The answer to that is "not well". If resins smell good on you, then by all means get a bottle of this. If they don't, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. This is almost all resins, and they're sharp & sweet on my skin. This almost smells like some sort of sweet pancake syrup with a few harsh, dark undertones. In fact, we've had trees on the farm hit by lightning or blown down by wind. This smells like those trees smell as they decay.
After reading description: I definitely smell the fig. I adore figs to eat...I do not adore figs in my perfume. FIG is what I was interpreting as a sweet, syrupy resin. My skin brings out sweetness in things, and in this that is NOT a good thing.

Earth Phoenix
Lab description: Hard work, patience, and harmony: Chinese musk, dark musk, and moist soil with black cherry, opopponax, night-blooming jasmine, plum, woodland tobacco, snakeweed, and cypress.
Wet: Much, much brighter than I expected Earth to smell. Where's the musty dirt? Not that I miss it, but this is surprising.
Dry: I get it now. This is not "dirt"--this is stone. It's dry but clean and it smells OLD. It smells like warmth & strength & something ancient. It's dry, but there's a sharp tang in it, maybe like salt? Almost a sweet salt. It smells like a clean, dry desert with a background hint of desert plants baking in the sun. If you watch Heroes, you know the scenes where Parkman ends up in the desert with the man who paints the future? This smells the way I would think those scenes smell.
After reading description: And not a single "stone" note at all. I can see why this would smell clean to me, though; black cherry & night-blooming jasmine always do. I'm surprised that I'm not getting the "moist soil" except in a small, sharp almost-note. When I keep "soil" in my mind and smell this, THEN I can smell something like it. It's like fresh, black soil; the kind you want to plant a garden in. Hard work & patience...I might use this one a lot for school. ^o^

Metal Phoenix
Lab description: Tenacity, force, strength, stability, and determination: Chinese musk and gleaming white metal with honeysuckle, rose mallow, verbena, and carnation.
Wet: GUH. OMG GUH. Clean, strong, shiny, polished so clear you can see yourself in it.
Dry: A little citrusy or fruity or juicy or SOMETHING, but in this blend it gives the impression of SHINE. This is sleek, glossy metal. Gunmetal polished so hard it glitters in the light. Chrome on an expensive car under street lights. It's sophisticated and sleek and intimidating. If I had to make an impression at a fancy-pants cocktail party, this is the scent I'd wear. It's elegant & powerful. My favorite of the bunch.
After reading description: The juicy smell...honeysuckle? They name one of the notes "gleaming white metal", and they certainly succeeded with that, as I smell glittering, high polish metal.

Candy Phoenix
Lab description: A dusky, yet effervescent mix of pomegranate and black currant candies, with a dusting of sugared pear and white apple.
Dry: It calms down but it's still definitely candy. Bryan & Courtney (my sister) eat those Sour Straws things that are almost like licorice sticks, but they come in fruit flavors & are coated with sour sugar. This smells just like those. I can't pin down a flavor, but it's fun & bright & happy & delicious. I didn't expect to like this one at all, much less LOVE it! In fact, I almost didn't order it until Bryan told me it would be cool to get the whole set. I'm so happy I did! This is going to be a BIG favorite summer scent for me.
After reading description: Wow. Looking at the description again it's no wonder I almost didn't order this. This doesn't smell NEARLY as overpoweringly sweet as it seems like it would. I think I know why this sweet, foody scent isn't bad on me as so many are: it's the absence of anything CREAMY. Creamy, sweet food scents go AWFUL on me. Make me smell like cheap Twinkie cream or something. This lacks that cream note, and so while it's sweet, it has some form of "clarity". This is precisely the type of candy Bryan loves to eat. Which sounds terribly suggestive and is not at all what I meant.
I recently ordered some BPAL as a gift for a friend, and of course that meant I had to order some for myself, as well. So I ordered bottles of Crossroads (<3!) and Somnus, both favorites of mine. Which means NEW FRIMPS!!!

OMG FRIMPS!!!Collapse )

Question: Is it possible to get a bad bottle? I had this imp of Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo that smelled AMAZING. I hearted it so much. I gave it away to help spread the goodness of BPAL, since I had recently ordered a bottle for myself. But the bottle doesn't smell anything like the AMAZINGNESS that was the imp. The bottle smells like... varnish. :( I thought maybe it needed to age, but that was months ago that I bought it, and it still smells like varnish. :( I *have* started on various medications since then, so I wondered if maybe my sense of smell has changed, but... kind of thinking I may have a bad bottle. Not sure what to do about it, since it's been ages since I ordered it.

I haven't worn BPAL in ages, but today I felt in the mood. I would have loved some Joy Mojo, but since that wasn't working I chose Monster Bait: Closet instead. Mmmmm.... so, so yummy. It makes me hungry. *laughs*

So... *pokes sleeping community* What all have you been wearing lately?
My review from the forum...

::sob sob::

I got my imp of Squirting Cucumber today and it was the first thing I tried on, because I love the way cucumbers smell, and I'd read so many wonderful reviews on here.

I didn't get any of the good cucumber scent. At all.

On me, it started off as wet grass, but not good healthy just cut wet grass. This is the stuff that's sat up next to the house and gone through a few rains. Nasty, slimy wet grass.

No cucumber, even now after an hour. I'm smelling a little weird floral in there, but I can't get a grip on it to figure out exactly what it is. Not nice, though. fear.gif

I really wanted this to work. I'm going to wait a week or so and see if it's maybe my body that's messing this up. If not, it's into the swap pile for it.

(x-posted to my journal)
My imps are here!  I ordered

Squirting Cucumber
Bon Vivant

The ones in bold are the ones I got.  :-(

I know that Midway was an LE, so they would substitute something else for that, but I didn't get either of the other GC's that I'd ordered.  Instead I got:

Blood Pearl
Poisoned Apple

Does anyone know why this would have happened?  I haven't ordered from the lab in about a year or more, but I always got what I ordered before.  I'm really disappointed, because I was looking forward to the whole order being here.  Any suggestions?
So I've been working really long hours lately.  I usually come in at 8AM and work until 9PM...and worked a few hours on Sunday.  I had off the entire 4th of July weekend, which was nice of them actually.  Other groups did not.

Anyway I've been falling behind on all that is BPAL and was eyeballing CD IV and V as well as the Grindhouse ladies.  Missed the decant circle boat on that one.

Turns out that one of the girls on the sinandsalvation LJ group is going to Will Call and doing a circle.  I impulsively said, 'Give me an imp of everything!'  I've worked hard right?

Yeah!  So what if we had to pay off the rest of our honeymoon once....or arrange a vet plan for Nugget (our puppy).  I deserve something frivolous. :p

Ahhh buyer's regret.
Kind of like Friday Night Videos! *snerks, shows her age*

Okay, girls and boys, let's see what the imp box has in store for us tonight! *reaches in, pulls out two*

Les Infortunes de la Vertu

In the imp: .... yoohoo, anybody there? *checks oil level* Wow, this is subtle and LIGHT. Like, I can barely smell anything. It smells a bit powdery/flowery, but it's really hard to tell because it's so very faint.

On me, wet: More intense on skin than in imp. Hmm. Soap. Scented soap. Lavender, I'm thinking. Lavender and rose, perhaps? And something astringent. Definitely floral, but it's not making me run and scream. Gods, could I actually be starting to like florals? O_O

On me, dry: Pretty much the same. The astringent smell is dying down, but it's still scented soap.

Lab Description:
A pain-tinged, pleasure-soaked blend of leather, oakmoss, orange blossom, amber, and rose with a breath of virginal French florals and a hint of austere monastic penitential incense.

Thoughts: Okay, so yeah, rose. And I'm thinking I really suck at identifying orange blossom, because it totally fooled me last night, too. I think the scent I thought was lavender was probably a combo of the leather, oakmoss, and incense. Now that I sniff again I can totally see how it might be leather. Ooo... this is giving me a headache, though. It's a really nice blend, and I'd like it on somebody else, I think, but it's not really my thing. Plus, there's this headache business.

Lick It One More Time (dammit, now I have cheesy pop songs stuck in my head)

In the imp: Yup, peppermint candy canes, just what you'd expect it to be. A bit more on the candy than the peppermint, but definitely peppermint.

On me, wet: Interesting. Still peppermint candy canes, but I'm getting a hint of chocolate in there. I didn't think this had chocolate in it...

On me, dry: The chocolate is becoming stronger. If it is chocolate. The candy-ish is dissipating some. Peppermint still very much there, but not like OOMPH PEPPERMINT! which is how I expected this might be. It doesn't have quite the bite as true peppermint smells to me. And I'm really not sure that it's chocolate in there, but there is something else besides peppermint candy canes. Let's see what the description says...

Lab Description:
a peppermint candy cane with a flash of vanilla and an extra jolt of sugar.

Thoughts: Okay, so it was vanilla, not chocolate. Well, chocolate has vanilla in it, doesn't it? Heh. Anyway... does this make me want to lick my wrist? Nope. I'm a bit disappointed, actually. It's a competent oil, but it just doesn't have the kick I was wanting it to have. And I'm not sure I like how it smells on me, either. It's not bad, but it's.... eh. Just eh.

*switches wrists back and forth* Out of the two, I think I actually like Les Infortunes better. It's blending with my skin chemistry much better than Lick It is. Now that Les Infortunes has dried some more, it smells more delicate to me. Now I'm thinking I might actually wear this sometime. Interesting!
Tonight I decided to be random, so I reached into the ol' imp box and pulled out two. And the winners are *drumrolls* Ivanushka! And Droplettes' Les Madelines!


In the imp: Cinnamon? Smells like the cinnamon sugar we used to put on buttered toast. And some kind of floral. I'm not too good with florals. Possibly rose, but rose tends to be strong.... hmmm.... whatever floral it is, it's nice, and I don't usually like florals.

On me, wet: Still cinnamon and florals, but something else, too. It's a green or a blue smell. On second sniff, the floral comes through much stronger than it did in the imp.

On me, dry: Awww. The cinnamon is all gone, and now it's pretty much floral. :( And something else which I still can't identify... It could be another floral, but I'm not sure. *takes another sniff* Hmm... maybe a light musk?

Lab Description
Soft, velvety fur and warm musk, brushed by forest woods and dusted by dry leaves.

Thoughts: o_O Okay, I was right about the musk. Really not getting woods from this. Dry leaves, maybe. Woods? No. I swear it smells like a floral to me. And florals == eh. It's not bad, but I honestly can't see me wearing this.

Les Madelines (Droplettes Bath Sundries)

In the sample vial: Whoa. Butter and caramel. And figs, maybe? I think the last time I went crazy ordering stuff was around Yules, so I'm guessing this is a Christmas/winter scent, which means figs would fit in. Oh, and now I'm getting almonds. Or pecans. Some kind of nut, anyway.

On me, wet: Huh? It's... I don't know what that is. There's something that's really overlaying how it smelled in the vial. It kind of reminds me of Beaver Moon 2007, a bit. That cream or whatever it was in Beaver Moon that didn't work for me. Yeah, definitely a milky smell.

On me, dry: Oh, that's better now! It's back to being figgy and almondy. Very much so. The butter and caramel are almost completely gone. Hmm, and maybe a bit of wine in there somewhere? Figs make me think of rum, for some reason, but it's definitely not rum.

Description (um, I think this is it)
Really, these should be France’s national “goûter” cake. Madeleines are little vanilla cakes infused with orange blossom water. They are baked in a special pan that forms them in the shape of little shells. My husband fell in love with them when I took him to visit my family in Brittany.

Thoughts: .... REALLY?!?! Vanilla and orange blossom? Wild. I can kind of see vanilla as that might be the creamy smell I thought, but damn, I really thought this was a fig/nut smell. It DOES smell cakey to me. But wow, the notes are NOT what I was expecting. Anyway, it's a pleasant mix, but I'm not in love with it, and I'm almost starting to feel I have too much foodie scents (which surprises me, because that's my love). So I think I will enjoy this vial, and that will be that.

Now it is time for me to do an imitation of my mood icon. More reviews coming soon.
Continuing on with the Neil Gaiman theme. Here's some Good Omens scents!


I seem to recall I got this one for the name, and because I love the character it's based on, and not so much for the scent, so it will be interesting to see if this works for me at all.

In the imp: Citrus, earth, and mint. o_O Maybe some tea as well. The notes mingle well; none of them jump out and demand your attention.

On me, wet: It smells like a men's cologne. Probably would be very, very nice on a man. I suppose this means there is some musk in it, then, because cologne makes me think of musk. Still has that light citrus smell, and a very faint hint of something minty (I can taste mints on my tongue, and I haven't been eating any). I'm now thinking the earth/tea smell might have been musk, but would not be surprised to find those actual notes in there, either.

On me, dry: This has a rather strong throw. Not cloying, just that I can definitely smell it in the room. Citrus is stronger now, but not overpowering. Musk has faded some, from the strong smell when wet. Still getting a taste of mint, but I'm not really smelling it.

Lab Description:
A toxic chypre: radioactive green musk, davana, and oozing white amber.

Thoughts: Heh, so I was right about the musk. :D What the heck is davana? *googles* Okay, one site called it artemisia pallens, which according to Wikipedia is a genus of herbs that includes tarragon and wormwood, which is probably where I was getting the earth/tea/mint from. Anyway. I really like this oil! I could imagine myself jumping a guy who was wearing this. :D I do like how it smells on me, too, so I think this one's a keeper. I'm happily surprised that this worked out so well since I was unsure of it.


In the imp: Whoa. What is that? It doesn't remind me of any other BPAL scent I've tried. Hard to pick out the notes. Hmm. *sniffs some more* Gosh, I really can't tell. Something brown. Something purple. Something a bit on the dark side. Yeah, I'm just getting feelings rather than notes. It's not very pleasant to me. Hrm, this will be interesting, because I seem to recall I got this one because I thought it might work well...

On me, wet: Okay, better on me, but not quite. It smells like decaying leaves. Seriously. Something decaying, anyway. Most definitely a brown smell. Yeah, I don't think this one's gonna work on me at all.

On me, dry: Not waiting for a full drydown. I think this is going to be the first scent I scrub off. Less of a decaying smell now, but man, I just really don't like this. Off to scrub....

Lab Description:
Dry olibanum, black moss, soggy ti, khus, and opoponax.

Thoughts: Yuck, yuck, YUCK!!! I've liked other mossy scents, so I'm guessing it's one of the other (unfamiliar) notes here that is making me turn up my nose. Wish I knew WHICH one, so I could stay away from it. Oh gods, that was soooo bad. I have NEVER scrubbed an oil off before, so that shows you how much I disliked it. Definitely NOT a keeper! *pukes*
I finally got around to updating my stash list tonight, so unless there are imps hiding somewhere (which really, I would not be surprised if there were), it should be up to date. If you look at the list, you'll see there's a LOT I haven't reviewed yet (and in most cases, haven't even tried other than a quick sniff), so it's about time I do some more reviewing!

For some reason the Stardust scents were calling me tonight, so here's some reviews of those.

Fairy Wine

In the imp: Grapes. Honey. Something a bit spicy, too. Cloves, maybe? It's a nice combination and smells good. Ooo, getting a taste that feels like carnations smell, but just a teeny bit.

On me, wet: Ergh, the grapes are in the background now. It smells soapy and a bit like those cloves. Oh, wait, that was just the first whiff... the grapes are back now, but not as strong as in the imp, and it's still a bit soapy. Lavender, maybe.

On me, dry: Back to smelling as lovely as it did in the imp. <3 It's not as boozy as the in the imp... more delicate and feminine. Think a petite little fairy delicately sipping some wine. The flowery smell is more powerful than the booze now, but I actually like it, and I don't normally like florals.

Lab description:

An ethereal vintage, steeped with dandelion, honey, and red currants.

Thoughts: Hah! So my initial thought of honey was right! And yeah, that unidentified smell that I thought was maybe carnations or lavender was the dandelion. No wonder I like the flowery smell... it's less a flower bed and more a summery field. <3 I could totally see myself wearing this one when I want to be less foody/earthy and a bit more feminine.

Lady Una

In the imp: SWEET. Like yellow cake. This is reminding me a bit of some of the dessert-y scents, like Monster Bait: Closet.

On me, wet: Hrm. Still very much yellow cake, but something else there, as well. The sweetness is cut a bit with something that's a bit... earthy, I'd say. Like herbs or dirt or something. Definitely something that grows.

On me, dry: Hrm. I really can't tell about this one. Cake, yes, but there is something else there, and I can't put my finger on it. The cake is not as gooey-overpowering as Monster Bait: Closet is. It's like a small whiff of sweetness you get when you drive by the Nabisco factory. Wish I could figure out what else is in here...

Lab description:

Honey musk, green tea leaf, blackberry leaf, vanilla bean, and fae spices.

Thoughts: Interesting. So, the vanilla and honey must have been the cake smell, and that unidentifed other scent was spiced tea. *sniffs again* As foody scents go, this one is rather delicate. It's not that the scent is faint or fading, it's that it doesn't scream FOOD! at you like some of the other foody scents do. I like it, but I merely like it. Not sure I'd use this one much.
I've recently gotten some awesome BPAL through various avenues, and I want to review it! If you're in this community, it's likely you want to read it. CONVENIENT!

Boo Bam (Atomic Luau Lounge: Flotsam)
Boo Bam reviewCollapse )

Men Ringing Bells With Penises (Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements)

Men Ringing Bells With Penises ReviewCollapse )

When I bought the bottle of Men Ringing Bells with Penises from truestar, she gave me frimps! One of them was Aizen-Myoo, and was previously on my wish list.

Aizen-Myoo reviewCollapse )

And lastly, Krampus, which is difficult for me to review in the summertime, because it's inherently a autumn/winter scent for me.

Krampus (Limited edition: Yule 2006, 2007)
Krampus reviewCollapse )
Ok, I have NEVER, ever ever been this exciting about a BPAL update. But this one, omg they finally have managed to find the Tiki world of perfume.

I hope it's ok to post all this but I am currently lusting after this like no other. I know many of you ladies don't know me very well but I live and die by a good Mai Tai and my house is always in a current state of Tiki/Early California Spanish Mission

So Without Further Adieu......

In the spirit of Polynesian Pop and Tiki Culture, we present Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Atomic Luau Lounge: the Exotica Collection.

Tiki Culture became a phenomenon in the late 50's, likely inspired by Hawaii's admission to the union in 1949 and by the memories of World War II veterans that were stationed in the South Pacifi. Tiki enthusiasts were influenced by a panoply of Polynesian themes, and they embraced pop renditions of island artwork, dress, and music, revamping them with a distinctly campy Western flair.

This is our tribute to Donn Beach, a true Pisces if there ever was one. Light the torches, bust out the leis, and bust out the Martin Denny LPs! Without you, Donn, we wouldn't pu pu platters to gorge on, or Zombies to chug! 

Why didn' they make a dang MAI TAI PERFUME!?????????? *shakes fist*

Monoi de Tahiti, vanilla, white coconut, tuberose, ylang ylang, white musk, red hibiscus, and neroli.

Black coconut, black musk, lemon blossom, and ironwood bark.

I'm bored, so question time again. Sorry if any of these have been asked before; I tried to make sure they hadn't, but I may have missed some. Today's questions are about notes.

1.) What is your favorite note?

2.) If you could try any single note, what would it be? (not necessarily the same as #1)

3.) What is your least favorite bpal note?

My answersCollapse )
Lust, Sin, Malice, and Vampire TearsCollapse )

I'll review Tristran when I can get the imp open. *is sad she cannot haz it right now* I am slowly working it loose, or at least I hope I am. I needz it!!
One of my absolute favorite perfumes ever is Swank which has always been described as "The Perfect Pomegranate Martini"

Well in this month's Vanity Fair they have a pull out for this brand of liquor http://www.pamaliqueur.com

They have a actual sniff thing to smell it and it smells exactly like Swank.

So now I know what to get to smell like my favorite perfume. YUM.
The next six: Baghdad, Scherezade, Regan, Othello, Pannychis, and Haunted.Collapse )
ok more reviews! wayfarersgirl is blasting thru the whole catalog like whoa! omg.

anyway if i can remember what i'm testing i'll totally review it now. :)

la befana (yule 07):

On the night of the Epiphany, a joyful, broomstick-riding hag clad in a tattered shawl drops into chimneys all over Italy, bestowing gifts to good children, and dropping coal into the stockings of naughty kiddies.

La Befana vien di notte
Con le scarpe tutte rotte
Col vestito alla Romana
Viva, Viva La Befana!

La Befana comes by night
With her shoes old and broken
She comes dressed in the Roman way
Long life to the Befana!

Candy charcoal, winter lilies, parma violet, a sprig of cypress, a poof of chimney dust, and holiday sweets.

for some reason the story really annoys me and i totally don't know why. it just makes me almost mad. but that's a whole other post that i should probably put in my own lj. :)

anyway firs thing i smell is caramel. ick. i don't even like to eat caramel that much but that's totally what it smells like. that's what it smells like from the time i opened the imp to the time it started to dry on my hand. caramel caramel caramel caramel. FAIL.

so then it starts to dry. at least the caramel starts to disappear some but then the whole floral part starts picking up. i thought maybe i would like it becaues i like lilies and even tho i can't exactly say what they smell like i'm just totally convinced i like violets. (weird huh?) anyway - it smells like caramel coated flowers and they're what you think about when you think 'omg! old lady perfume!'

it settles down some but it still kind of makes me sick to my stomach. totally swappable.


The Lampades are the darkly beautiful nymphs of the underworld, also called the Lethe Nymphae Avernales. They are the daughters of the Gods that govern the many rivers of Hades. The Lampades are Hecate's torch-bearers and accompany the Goddess on her hunts, quests and revels. Their scent is the crisp, inviting bittersweet tang of cranberry with smoky dark lilies, heady, sensual musk, a tingle of ginger and a brush of Mediterranean spices.

i totally wanted to love this. in the imp it's insanely great. it just smells fantastic you know? then i put it on and i get air freshener. not even good air freshener. like those cheap scented cardboard ones that you get that are like berry shape cut-outs you know? yuck. i love lilies (usually) and i totally like cranberries and ginger is awesome and so are spices so i have to blame it on the musk. somehow the musk takes something that should be awesome and smell like some spicy christmas berry drink and makes it smell like sweaty berry butt instead. gross. on someone else that amazing smell probably stays forever and they are lucky and if i meet them i will totally make faces behind their back. :P

kindly moon!

Utterly ethereal, an exquisite expression of love: moonflower, lotus root, white gardenia, beeswax, peach blossom, blue musk, stargazer lily, golden osmanthus, ti, sandalwood, hyacinth, ylang ylang, and a touch of vanilla bean.

ok i like moonflower. i like beeswax (way better then honey). peach blossom is good. blue musk? wtf? ok whatever. then there's lilies. and i barely remember what osmanthus is except it's in a buttload of stuff i like so i probably like it. i know i like ti and sandalwood and vanilla bean. so that's 9 that i think i like out of 14 different smells - so better then half right? right.

wet it smells kind of waxy. i guess that's the beeswax. at first i'm worried it's going to smell like bad fake flowers or something. or worse, stinky real ones. i'm not a big flower person either so i never even looked for this one - it came with some other stuff that i ordered.

but omg dry. dry it smells like my skin would smell at its most most awesomest. it's amazing - like it smells like ME. like ... i can't say it better then that. it's hannah in a bottle! it's what i would wear if i just wanted something comforting and pretty and that didn't stand out (ha - ok maybe that's not me). anyway if i didn't want people to notice my perfume and to just think i just smell good because i'm me i would totally wear this. so now i have to go hoard it and you totally don't want any.

et lux fuit:

At last, the light at the end of our three-month tunnel of misfortune. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we present a big ol' bottle of sunny, happy, bounciness -- a golden blend with a celebratory feel, promoting joy, peace, and a sense of comfort and well-being: golden amber, heliotrope, vanilla musk, carnation, daisy and sunflower bouquet, neroli, lemon peel, ylang ylang and honeycomb.

ok i don't like neroli. or heliotrope. daisies and sunflowers are totally pretty but i can't remember what they smell like. ylang ylang is something i don't even know how to SAY. i totally wouldn't have picked this one either.

wet it smells like OMGTHEFLOWERSATEMYFACE! but that only lasts a second. i totally wish i could describe this one better too but i can't. it just smells like good and it smells like me and it really is just happy in a bottle. the lemon peel keeps it from being all cloying and stuff and the amber gives it an awesome just warm gold base. honeycomb falls kind of into the whole 'beeswax' category i think so it's good too and not overpowering - not too sweet or anything just *there* to ground it some you know? yea you don't want any of this one either....

lady una!

"Why, you are crying."

She said nothing. Dunstan pulled her toward him, wiping ineffectually at her face with his big hand; and then he leaned into her sobbing face, and, tentatively, uncertain of whether or not he was doing the correct thing given the circumstances, he kissed her, full upon the burning lips.

There was a moment of hesitation, and then her mouth opened against his, and her tongue slid into his mouth, and he was, under the strange stars, utterly, irrevocably, lost.
(here - have some pr0n!)

Honey musk, green tea leaf, blackberry leaf, vanilla bean, and fae spices.

i was so so so so sure i was going to love love love this that i bought a whole bottle and didn't even sniff it first. seriously - green tea, vanilla bean, spices... i forgot that blackberry and blackberry leaf hates me and wants me to die a stinky rotten death where no one loves me because i smell so bad. it smells like candy death on me - with hair spray. after i wash it off (which it doesn't by the way) it settles down alot and then it's livable but what a waste to have to put it on and then scrub with alcohol until it settles down to that ok-but-not-amazing-just-kind-of-sweet smell you know? *sigh* so the bottle is going to go live with wayfarersgirl for ever and ever and ever. (and she promises not to bring it to visit me ever again because we - me and lady una - are never talking again).
I'm trying to review my entire collection, 6 at a time, so here's the next group.

Fairy Market, Queen Gertrude, Black Tower, Sophia, Ra, TwilightCollapse )
LE's: Death of Autumn, Bonfire Night, October, Perilous Parlor, Winter of our Discontent, and Purple PhoenixCollapse )
I'm bored, so more reviews! This is the rest of what I got in the package yesterday (Ave Maria Gratia Plena, Coiled Serpent, Hellcat, Famine, Ivanushka, Lady Una).

Note: I do most of my reviewing without looking at the description, so if they mention notes that aren't in the description, that's why.

Cut for length, even though they are each pretty shortCollapse )
I finally got my decant order from the Neil Gaiman/Stardust line that opened back in October. Anyway, I loved the ones I ordered, but I was also frimped a bunch, so I'm going to review my favorite of the frimps.

Tempest: A crisp ozone-tinged breeze. The scent of the first gentle rain before the storm.

In bottle: clean, crisp, and fruity. Pale citrus, hidden behind soft florals.

On wet: Definitely clean. Lemon peel and grass, with a hint of rain. It's swirling, like a whirlpool--but not down, just swirling silver and white with specks of gold and pink. Grapefruit, maybe?

On dry: A darker, stormier gray., but still strong citrus vibes. I didn't think I'd like this, by the description, but I adore it. I'm going to try to layer it with Lear and see what happens.

ETA: Okay, layering with Lear created the best thing ever. It's Houston in the rain. I love it. Exactly what I have been craving, and now I can take it with me anywhere I go. Yay!
according to scent scribbles there are 1342 different bpal perfumes. i have only only ever tried 386. i have so many to try! only 685 are still available tho!

how many different bpals have you tried?

if beth still did custom blends what would you ask her to make? i would ask her to make bakeneko - but she already did that. :)

mini-review! monsterbait: underpants:

the description is Sexy sugar-smeared saffron sandalwood over lickable vanilla cream with a splash of butter rum.

it smells different on me then it does on q too. on me it's like vanilla frosting with just a little bitty bit of booze in the background. like the best ever vanilla rum. on q tho? the saffron amps like whoa - omg. so she smells like a vanilla haystack. it settles down after awhile and then it smells all soft and vanilla-y but still - that vanilla haystack picture makes me laugh. :)

plus, we haven't had one of these in awhile: what do you smell like today?
So I ordered some BPAL recently, and it just came in. I think I've reviewed Plunder (back when I got my first imp & decided I wanted some), so today I'm going to review Eden.

Edited to add lab description!

At the center of the Garden of Eden stands the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Though modern interpretations of the Bible claim that it was an apple that the Serpent of the Tree offered to Eve, it is widely believed that the true Fruit of True Knowledge was, in fact, a fig. This oil contains the innocence of the Garden, coupled with the Truth and Erudition found in the fruit of the Tree of Evil: fig leaf, fig fruit, honeyed almond milk, toasted coconut and sandalwood.

Imp: It smells sort of creamy but with a hint of almond. I can almost, barely, get a whiff of floral. Like a memory of flowers, maybe.

On, wet: More almond, and yet more creamy as well. It's like my skin just amps ALL of this instantly.

On, dry: Well great. Once again, a frimp is something I know I'm going to have to have in a bottle. This is what I wanted Silk Road and Queen of Sheba to be. It's very almond and slightly creamy-sweet, but it doesn't smell foody and it doesn't have the note of whatever-gives-me-the-headache in Queen of Sheba or Silk Road. Plus, the longer I let this dry, the more the floral comes out. The almond & creamy note are still the focus, but the floral is more pronounced (I think what I am interpreting as "floral" is probably coconut+fig+sandalwood). In fact, Starbucks had this really amazing pastry once when I was in Dallas: it was a white, dense pound cake with very thinly sliced almonds layered on the top in a scaly pattern. This smells like eating a piece of that cake in a warm room with a bouquet of flowers on your table.

There comes a time every year, right about February, when I begin to crave florals. I'm not ready to put away the warm, heavy smells of winter, but I really begin to want the flowers and the farmer's market and the outdoors. In fact, I just sat and sniffed my bottle of Pele a few days ago. ^_^ Eden is the perfect scent for this time of year. It's sweet and warm and creamy enough for thte cold weather, but has just enough floral that it reminds me the flowers are coming back soon.
So I totally scored a bottle of Spiked punch which smells like a prom punch with a bottle of booze in it. I'm soooo stoked about this.

I have this one and a dash of Hamptons (cosmopolitan) and Swank(Pomegranate Martini) so I smell lovely.

Going to go get my drink on this afternoon with my friend before my Alfred Hitchcock Class so I'll be enjoying real alcohol.

The other point of this post was to bitch about BPAL on Ebay

I keep trying to win a damn bottle of Mitzvah and I swear both bottles have reached triple digits before it was over. I spent 40 bucks on my Spiked punch which I admit was a bad bad bad naughty thing for me to do, but 197 dollars on a bottle of perfume??

I will say though when I got my package with Spiked Punch, Hunter's Moon and Trick (The one that smells like candy) I got a bunch of imps and I need to pimp them out.
Okay, question time! I'm interested in knowing more about other people's bpalness.

1. What is your current scent obsession?

2. What is your favorite layering combination?

3. If you could have any scent right now to try, what would it be?

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